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Domestic Violence Courts/Docket Webinar

What is a domestic violence docket?

Tribal domestic violence docket days are characterized by setting aside specific days of the tribal court's docket to address cases involving domestic violence. Devoting certain days of the docket to domestic violence cases can provide continuity for the victim, and allow the tribal court to address related civil and criminal matters on the same day. It can also allow the court to offer enhanced security, advocacy services, and child care for domestic violence victims. 

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Domestic Violence Courts/Docket Webinar PowerPoint

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What is a domestic violence court? 

Tribal domestic violence courts are specialized courts with targeted caseloads consisting of domestic violence cases. Tribal domestic violence courts are comprised of personnel who are well trained in the dynamics of domestic violence and committed to working collaboratively among various victim service providers/systems to meet the needs of the family. Additionally, these courts focus on victim safety and batterer accountability by closely monitoring batterer compliance with court orders. 

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Domestic Violence Courts/Docket Resources

The Tribal Domestic Violence Courts and Tribal Domestic Violence Dockets Resource Guide was created by the Tribal Law and Policy Institute.  This unique resource was drafted to guide Native nations through a series of exercises resulting in a tribal domestic violence court or docket specifically designed by the tribe to address the domestic violence issues in a particular tribal community.

To view all Tribal Law and Policy Institute resources on Domestic Violence Courts and Domestic Violence Dockets:

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