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These resources are designed to assist tribes to enhance victim services and assist tribal criminal justice systems to more effectively address victim safety and offender accountability including:

  • Effective responses to domestic violence and sexual assault across jurisdictions

  • Training on tribal protection orders including: drafting, enforcing and full faith and credit in Public Law 280 and non-Public Law 280 tribal nations

This section provides legal resources for tribes and their justice systems to increase their capacity to respond effectively to sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. It includes tools for safety planning and tribal protection orders, as well as outreach and education. There are resources to more effectively address victim safety and offender accountability. It also provides information on legal issues relevant to jurisdiction, tribal court, and justice system responses that are culturally specific and reflect best practices.

The Tribal Law and Policy Institute has created a plethora of publications pertaining to legal resources. You can find them all here: A few are shared below. 



The following Legal Response Resources are included here:

Tribal Protection Orders

Discipline Specific Resources 

Tribal Legal Code Resources


Victims' Rights

Domestic Violence Dockets/Courts

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