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The Sex Trafficking in Indian Country: Advocacy Curriculum (Curriculum) is designed to introduce information on sex trafficking of Native people, covering topics such as the definition of sex trafficking, red flags, trafficker tactics, screening for sex trafficking, and advocacy roles and responsibilities. The Curriculum consists of three components: Instructor GuideParticipant Workbook, and PowerPoints. (2020)

Sex Trafficking Resources


There is an unfortunate lack of reliable data on the problem of sex trafficking in Indian country. This lack of reliable data is tied to the limited amount of methodologically sound research, articles, and reports on the topic. However, the limited Native-specific research that has been done, and anecdotal evidence, suggest that Native women and girls are over represented in the sex industry and that sex trafficking disproportionately impacts Native women and girls. View Articles and Reports on Sex Trafficking in Indian Country. 

The Combating Trafficking, Native Youth Toolkit on Human Trafficking was created by Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children & Families Office of Trafficking in Persons, and Administration for Native Americans. This toolkit provides tips for protecting yourself, stories of human trafficking, and ways you can fight human trafficking in your community. 

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